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Dr.Web Light 11.0.3 for Android released

February 1, 2018

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has released Dr.Web Light 11.0.3 for Android. The updated version incorporates minor tweaks and has a known issue resolved.

Specifically, an issue that interfered with Dr.Web's operation on multimedia devices running Android 4.0-4.4 has been eliminated.

Dr.Web Light for Android will be updated to the new version automatically. If you disabled automatic updating on your device, you must go to Google Play, choose Anti-virus Dr.Web Light on the application list, and tap "Update."

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Test drive Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11.0

January 23, 2018

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has launched public beta testing for its Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11.0. Representing the pinnacle of Doctor Web's accumulated end-point security expertise, the new version incorporates features for neutralising state-of-the-art threats and offers tools for streamlining its administration. All users wanting to be the first to try out the new features of this flagship Dr.Web corporate solution can get the distribution download link and a key file. The most active beta testers will receive gifts from Doctor Web!

New in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11.0:

  • Improved Control Center performance (including the sped-up display of anti-virus network data);
  • The ability to centrally administer the Dr.Web Firewall on protected hosts;
  • The ability to centrally install and administer the proxy server (part of Dr.Web Agent);
  • The addition of a new notification type for the Agent (Dr.Web Agent) and the ability to send user messages via the Agent;
  • A totally redesigned LDAP/ADS authorisation interface and support for LDAP-RFC-4515;
  • Redesigned Office Control in the Control Center;
    • Expanded options for working with devices;
    • User preferences can be established for protected hosts;
  • Revamped and expanded features for administering agent components from the Control Center;
  • Information about the protected hosts' software and hardware configuration is now transmitted faster and doesn't impact server performance;
  • Windows Script Host and PowerShell scripts are now scanned on Windows 10 PCs;
  • The new utilities in the Administration section of the Control Center include:
    • A remote anti-virus server diagnostics utility;
    • A digital key and certificate generator;
    • A remote Dr.Web server diagnostics utility (scripts);
  • Utilities are now available for all supported operating systems;
  • A new host status (the administrator's attention is required) has been added to the anti-virus network tree;
  • The options from the Connections menu are now available in the anti-virus network tree window; If no connections were previously established, the option to show hidden groups in the tree view settings can be used to find a group;
  • New products can be found in the server repository: Dr.Web server security data (system data and certificates used by the suite) and Dr.Web Proxy-server;
  • In the Control Center's Administration section:
    • The Network Port Monitor section provides the option to scan the Agent’s traffic by port;
    • Server backup options now exist;
    • A new item, "real-time log", has been added to the menu.

We invite everyone interested to participate in beta testing for Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11.0. Please note that registration is required to gain access to the beta section.

Dr.Web Light 11.0.2 for Android released

January 10, 2018

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has released Dr.Web Light 11.0.2 for Android. The updated version boasts improved stability and usability.

Specifically, the issue involving the scanner's abnormal termination during 7z archive scanning has been resolved. The updated version also features a number of interface optimisation tweaks.

Dr.Web Light for Android will update to the new version automatically. If you disabled automatic updating on your device, you must go to Google Play, choose Anti-virus Dr.Web Light on the application list, and tap "Update."

#Dr.Web #Android #update

Dr.Web 11.0.2 for macOS released

December 11, 2017

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is pleased to announce the release of Dr.Web 11.0.2 for macOS. The updated version supports macOS High Sierra (10.13) and incorporates new features and fixes for known issues.


  • Because macOS High Sierra prompts users for permission to load kernel extensions, users are now also notified that anti-virus engine extensions need to be loaded.
  • Dr.Web now better detects third-party software that may have compatibility issues with Dr.Web for macOS.

Known issues resolved:

  • A problem interfering with the ability of macOS Sierra machines to work with a proxy server has been resolved: if the proxy server requires no authentication, default settings are now used.
  • Minor UI tweaks make sure the interface is displayed correctly under macOS High Sierra.

To update the anti-virus to version 11.0.2, users need to download the new distribution.

#Dr.Web #macOS #update

Components updated in Dr.Web 11.0 for UNIX

November 21, 2017

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated the drweb-filecheck module in the products Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux, Dr.Web Anti-virus for Unix Mail Server, Dr.Web Anti-virus for Unix Server and Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for Internet gateways Unix as well as drweb-icapd in Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for Internet gateways Unix. The update resolves known software issues and adds new features.

The update corrects a critical error with the drweb-filecheck module; the error involved files with long names not being scanned as part of the directory.

In the drweb-icapd module, changes have been made to support RESPMOD requests that lack an HTTP request header.

The update is performed via the Dr.Web repository.

#update #Dr.Web #UNIX #Linux

Support service system for interacting with Dr.Web users undergoes redesign

November 13, 2017

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has redesigned its technical support service's system for interacting with its customers and with Doctor Web account owners who are not yet users of its products.

The changes have affected the request and service archive in user requests for those who have online Doctor Web accounts.

It's easy to contact the Dr.Web technical support service from a smartphone or a tablet.

screenshot #drweb

Use the handy widget in the header of our website to quickly open the Contact us service.

Users who don't yet have an account will only be able to use the widget to access the support request form.

screenshot #drweb
screenshot #drweb

But, after clicking on the widget, Dr.Web community members who have accounts on Doctor Web's site will be able to see all of their requests with their different statuses (new, unclosed, closed requests, and requests that need a response) and quickly open the needed request category. In addition, these users can open the new support request form directly from the widget.

We invite users to take advantage of the convenient features of our redesigned technical support system, which is adapted for mobile devices. Those who are not yet using Dr.Web or who have only used our free products can also access all of our information resources and the archive of their support service requestsóthey simply need to quickly register.



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